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Assessment Services

As the parent of a discouraged student, you might have found yourself wondering what you can do to help your child feel better about school. You may have tried helping with homework, meeting with teachers, monitoring their work, being supportive or using discipline. You know your child has so much potential but they aren’t demonstrating this in school. You might worry that these frustrations have left your child believing they can’t learn in school, no matter how hard they try.


What would it feel like to not constantly worry about your child’s progress in school and to know they are getting the help they need? How would it change things for your child to have supports which would allow them to do their best in the classroom?


I help families answer these questions: what are my child’s needs and what are the strategies, resources and recommendations required to help them in school?

Assessment Types

A range of assessments including psycho-educational, gifted, behavioural, social-emotional are offered for both children and adults. 

What to Expect

An assessment typically includes four or five visits to the office. We begin with an intake meeting followed by two or three testing appointments. Information is also gathered from other professionals connected to your child (teacher, doctor, etc.).


A final meeting provides feedback on your student’s learning style, highlights strengths and identifies important areas for support. The assessment report provides a clear plan for access to evidence informed resources at school, home and in the community.  

My Approach
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